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Our goal is to help you get that all-important first interview where you can personally discuss with an employer how your skills and We write military to civilian resumes...their needs intersect.

Whatever your chosen profession or background,  Metroplex Resume Service has put together custom designed individual career products and packages based upon what professionals like you say they need most out of a résumé service. 

Your decision to choose Metroplex Resume Service will provide you with a true return on your investment! 

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Package #1

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This extremely popular package includes custom professional resume (in Word and PDF) and letter of interest (cover letter). *package includes up to 2 edits.. 

          $155 plus tax

Pre-c-Suite  PKG.


This package includes custom mid- level professional resume (in Word and PDF), letter of  interest and after interview letter. *package includes up to 3 edits.     

        $185.00 plus tax

C-Suite Package


This package includes custom  executive level resume (in Word and PDF), letter of interest, after interview letter and LinkedIn profile/update.

$235.00 plus tax

 transition package

This package is designed for public or military personnel transitioning into civilian employment.

$175.00  plus tax

 profile package

Employers now search the LinkedIn and Facebook profiles of job candidates...is your professional profile ready?

$75.00 plus tax

Career Coaching

 One 15 minute session $25.00

One 30 minute session $50.00

One 45 minute session $75.00